Precision Aviation Avcups

We have four styles to choose from and various colors in each style. This year we have added 15oz Coffee Mugs & 20oz Pilsners. Quantity discounts are applied according to the quantity of the same color, style, and customization. If you would like to mix the colors in your order, please place your order with one color and contact us.

 15oz Coffee
12oz Wine 20oz Pilsner 20oz Tumbler



15oz. Mug 39.00 ea.
28.00 ea.
20oz. Tumbler 34.79 ea. 25.00 ea.
20oz. Pilsner 34.79 ea.
25.00 ea.
12oz. Wine 27.95 ea.
20.35 ea.


Colors: AvCup Colors


  1. Stainless cups have $2 added to them due to the extra processing required.
  2. Manufacturing time is typically 4 to 10 days. The cutoff for delivery by Christmas is Sunday December 15th.
  3.  Can't find your airplane? Contact us and we will take care of you.
  4. We are only stocking the pilsner style in black.
  5. Singles - Were not selling singles for anything custom.
  6. Full Wrap - The wings of your airplane typically wrap 75% of the way around. For the 15oz mugs the plane's centerline is opposite of the mug handle.