New Product: Piper Exterior Grommets

Posted by Hulk Code on

Peeling Reinforcement Grommets...

Maybe you have this problem too.


Custom CNC cut grommets. WIth ADHESIVE! No contact cement required! No mess! Did I mention CNC cut?

AC60841  Piper 60841

AC60863-2  Piper 60863-2

AC60863-3  Piper 60863-3

AC60863-5  Piper 60863-5

AC60863-9  Piper 60863-9

AC60863-11  Piper 60863-11

AC60841  Piper 60841AC60863-11  Piper 60863-11AC60863-3  Piper 60863-3AC60863-2  Piper 60863-2AC60863-5  Piper 60863-5

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